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Dental Insurance FAQs

How much does dental insurance cost?

Most plans are $20-45 per month.

What do dental plans cover?

There are 4 types of dental services covered with most dental plans.

Type I: preventive care, like cleaning and exams.

Type II: basic services, like fillings and simple extractions.

Type III: major services, like oral surgery and root canals.

Type IV: orthodontic coverage for children.

What is the yearly max?

The amount of money the insurance company will pay per year for dental services. Each plan has a different max.

Is there a waiting period on services?

Usually. Some plans will pay a lower percentage or have a waiting period for the first 6-12 months on basic and major services.

Is there a dental network I have to use?

Some plan only pay for a network dentist, others pay a certain amount for each procedure.

If your dentist charges more than that, you may have to pay the difference.

Still have questions? We can help. Our contact info is at the bottom of this page.

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